Made Man Movement

Strengthening financial literacy of secondary school students

Our Vision

To expand educational attainment to where chapters serve all communities in need as hubs of financial literacy and educational resources.


Project Reach

"This program helped us to manage money better and it was very educational." --Katrina, Summer 2018

"This class helped me with saving money and what can happen if I get crazy with it." --Tavis, Summer 2018

The Team


Graduate of international business and the Japanese language from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. He’s committed to pursuing a career and social and economic development, so he someday plans on working for either the United Nations Development Programme or the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.

Having grown up in various neighborhoods spanning a breadth of economic conditions, Spencer noticed the disparities in educational attainment, financial literacy, and opportunity between different communities. Through his work, developing his professional experience in non profits and the private sector has led to a deeper understanding of the inextricable relationship between financial literacy and wealth acquisition. His experiences working with high school students galvanized his passion in assisting others in community development programs.

After obtaining an MBA and MA in International Relations from Seton Hall, Spencer plans to continue work in the non profits, as well as begin working in investment banking.